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ООО “Высотник”

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ООО “Вертикаль-Альфа”

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ООО “Городские Проекты”

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ООО “Аданат Групп”

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ООО “Ферромонт Раша”

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Отзыв Уважаемый Ян Владимирович!

ОАО “Бирюлево” выражает ООО “МАСТЕРСТРОЙ” свою признательность и благодарит за тот неоценимый вклад, который внесли специалисты этой организации при строительстве локальных очистных сооружений.

Все работы выполнены в соответствии с нормами и правилами проведения работ, в сроки, оговоренные договором. Особенно хотим отметить квалификацию персонала ООО “МАСТЕРСТРОЙ”, четкую структуру взаимодействия подразделений, компетентность и исполнительность сотрудников. За время нашего сотрудничества се возникающие вопросы решались быстро и грамотно, на строительной площадке соблюдались чистота и порядок, все работники ООО “МАСТЕРСТРОЙ” неукоснительно соблюдали трудовую дисциплину. Внимательный подход к поставленной задаче, интересные конструктивные и инженерные идеи, предлагаемые специалистами ООО “МАСТЕРСТРОЙ”, помогали выработать оптимальные варианты решения сложных задач.

Нас полностью устраивает качество и скорость выполнения работ и в дальнейшем мы планируем сотрудничать с ООО ”МАСТЕРСТРОЙ”.

С уважением, Чистякова Л.В.


Благодарность 7-1Express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the fruitful cooperation.

Chechelnickiy G.M.

Marin Trade Ltd

Благодарность 6

We would like to express our gratitude to Master Stroy and its CEO Banakh Ya. V. for the quality and speed with which they completed construction of our project in the city of Volokolamsk. Their employees arrived swiftly and without delay to settle on all the particulars of the project, all the issues that arose during the construction itself were dealt with quickly and without fuss. We saw a serious approach in the way they do business and we felt that they were acting in the interests of their client the whole time. The construction crew’s work was superb, and we would like to thank the crew’s chief Alexander for his professionalism and for patiently answering all our questions and giving us daily progress reports. We are grateful to these people who clearly know what they are doing.

Ayupov R.N. CEO

Lex Ecology Ltd

Благодарность 5

Lex Ecology Ltd would like to express its gratitude to MasterStroy Ltd and its CEO Banakh Yan Vladimirovitch for fruitful cooperation in installing intrashop dividing walls. As the client we can attest that MasterStroy Ltd has a large potential both in technology and human resources. The project was completed with utmost quality and in accordance to all the obligations set by our contract.

Latyshev R.A. CEO, Lex Ecology Ltd

StroyReal Ltd


Dear Yan Vladimirovitch!

The Stroy Real Enterprise Ltd wishes to express its gratitude to the staff and CEO of MasterStroy for the high quality of construction services rendered and the completion of the project in due time. Their professional approach during the construction project “Manufacture and installation of metal beams in the assembly hall of the Culture and Leisure Centre” located next to building no. 7, Prospekt Mira, Fryazino, Moscow Region proves that they are a highly qualified and deeply respectable partner.

V.S. Panyk, CEO

VentStandart Fan Factory Ltd


The following reference is thereby given to MasterStroy Ltd, as headed by its CEO Banakh Yan Vladimirovitch, located at 25 Kotelnicheskaya embankment, Moscow, as proof of the fact that the aforementioned organization, as a result of a tender, was chosen as the contractor to work on a project constructing a mineral filler factory in Porechye, Tula Region.

Work on the project was conducted in the period from November 2011 till April 2012.

Each body of work during the factory’s construction was accompanied by an according contract.

The organization completed a large amount of construction and assembly works:

- Installation of 590 cubic metres of monolithic reinforced concrete framings.

- Manufacture and assembly of 180 tonnes of steel framings.

- Manufacture and assembly of 128 tonnes of silo towers and bunkers.

- Installation of manufacturing equipment.

As the general contractor of the project I hereby confirm that MasterStroy Ltd conducts its affairs with great professionalism. This organization has large technological and human potential. All the works were completed with no breach of contract in accordance to the target specifications provided by the client and on schedule, with high quality and in compliance with all construction rules and regulations.

I wish to express my satisfaction with our mutual partnership and recommend MasterStroy Ltd as a construction company and a reliable business partner with proven experience in the field of construction.

V. Yu. Khramov, Executive director, VentStandart Fan Factory Ltd.

ООО “Управляющая компания “РИОНИ”



Благодарность 1

Easy and Convenient

“I placed my order via the website, the manager called me the same day and we put everything down. Construction started within the week. All went well, the garage was commissioned on time. I was very pleased with the quality of service.

Ivan Mitrichev

Neat and Well-made

I had been asking my husband to build a garage for a long time, and yet he still hadn’t found time for it. I had to address the issue myself. I consulted the manager and placed my order on the next day, just in time to catch a great bargain. I don’t know much about garages, but the manager helped me decide. Our new garage is very cool and neat.

Pakhomova Ludmila

Thank You, MasterStroy

I got fed up with leaving my car under an open sky, and dreamed of building a garage on my country estate. I called MasterStroy, got a really comprehensive consultation and ordered a garage made out of sandwitch panels. It was ready in 5 days! Thank you!

Vladimir Ignatov

The MasterStroy management knows its goals and how to achieve them with maximal results. It is a pleasure to work with such a client.

Vadim Dmitriev, EO, Srochno Marketing

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