Monolithic construction is a building technology that allows to construct structures of almost any form and size from reinforced concrete on a very short notice. Monolithic construction works create a rainscreen-clad ventilated facade and may also be accompanied by finishing works using natural or artificial stone.

Monolithic construction consists of the following stages:
— rebar frame assembly;
— shuttering installation;
— concrete casting;
— heat treatment of concrete (during winter);
— concrete curing;
— demolding;

Monolithic construction of large multi-storey buildings assumes the need to use several types of framing: with longitudinal supporting walls, with cross supporting walls and with flooring on support columns.

The MasterStroy team will conduct monolithic concrete construction of any complexity. We take responsibility for every stage of construction and provide a warranty on all commissioned works, all supported by our vast experience of successfully completed projects.

If you have any questions, please, contact us, and be assured, any question will be addressed professionally and as soon as possible.

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