Due to their advantages, namely robustness, low cost, high tension and load resistance, and being proven against fire and chemical and biological factors, reinforced concrete structures are extensively used in modern construction.

Assembly and installation of metal frames has been our top business product for more than 4 years, including, but not limited to:
- assembly and installation of steel frames for industrial and manufacturing buildings and structures;
- construction of hangars, workshops, sports facilities, warehouses, service stations, gas stations, parking garages etc;
- installation of various structures, including pre-fabricated ones;
- manufacture of construction elements (columns, beams, frames, cantilevers, railings, ladders, stairs, platforms, side stanchions, girders, etc;
- reinforcement of existing structures by metal frames (columns, stands, cantilevers).

Our team of professionals conducts works of any level of complexity in the field of assembly and installation of reinforced concrete structures, such as precast concrete, monolithic concrete (with on-site casting) and mixed type (precast structures are used as permanent shuttering, combining the advantages of monolithic and precast structures).

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