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Nowadays construction is a complicated multi-layered technological process, and materials and equipment used are an inseparable component of it. The durability and comfortable utilisation of any building depends on them. The available pool of construction materials provided by various manufacturers contains a staggering number of items and is constantly filled with new additions by companies eager to reap more profits. Only by following the development of the industry with utmost care and constantly honing our own skills and knowledge can we navigate through the sea of supply and choose those materials that match the task perfectly.

MasterStroy pays special attention to the quality of the construction materials it uses, since it is the material that plays the biggest part in determining the building’s future, and, more importantly, the future of the people who use it.

Based on our vast experience in the field, we have been preferring such materials as metalworks and sandwitch panels lately. Their advantages speak for themselves:

Sandwitch panels  Metalworks
- robust, but relatively lightweight, hi-tech;
- optimal batt and sound insulation;
- relatively small volume weight
- strong protection from corrosion;
- variable exterior.
- minimal installation, assembly and finishing time;
- relatively low cost of manufacture;
- may be assembled and installed at any time of the year;
- robust;
- relatively lightweight in comparison to other frames;
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