About Us

MasterStroy is a growing development company with years of positive experience in the field of complex construction decisions in the areas of commercial real estate, manufacturing buildings and housing.

One of our main fields of expertise is manufacturing and installation of steel frameworks. This field has been the locomotive of our industry for the last 4 years, and we can proclaim with confidence that we handle this type of work with both speed and quality.

Our list of work items:

manufacture and installation of steel frameworks for industrial and factory buildings; hangars, workshops, sports facilities, service stations, gas stations, parking garages, etc. erecting buildings, including pre-fabricated structures; manufacture of columns, beams, bracing cages, frameworks, girders, stanchions, railings, stairs and ladders;  reinforcement of structural elements with metalworks (reinforced concrete columns, consoles etc.) We also manufacture light structures for trade centres, malls, warehouses and pavillions.

We offer our clients a wide range of construction works, from ditches for foundations and foundations themselves to commissioning a turn-key ready building in Moscow, the Moscow Region and other regions of Russia. Our broad experience in this field allows us to guarantee our clients a quick and high-quality completion of all the workscope that our client provides. During each of our project we pay special attention to the quality of our metalworks.

Two years ago we optimized our operating costs and staff working processes, and since then our pricing became much more accessible for potential clients.

We prefer an individual approach while working with our clients, and keep in mind all their requirements and preferences. It is possible that this approach is exactly what allows us to keep our feet on the ground and look to the future with certainty despite all the harsh competition in our sector of business.

Our regular customers have already seen for themselves that our combination of prices, schedules and the quality of work during assembly and disassembly of metalworks and processing equipment proves to be the most balanced on the market. We hope that they will continue to work with us in the future.

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