General construction works are usually sorted by materials involved or structures being built:

- concrete reinforcement works;
- concrete placement works;
- earthworks;
- stonemasonry;
- roofing;
- finishing works;
- carpentry;
- installation, pile driving and other works;
Special works also include waterproofing and batt insulation works, sanitary engineering, electrification etc.

Our professional team is ready to commence various general construction works in concert with all the building’s engineering networks, including autonomous water supply, heating, sewage, security systems and landscape design, or separately on a scale necessary to the Client.

We have extensive positive experience in construction and finishing works on industrial and office buildings, residential real estate and country houses, which we are ready to put at your disposal. We are ready to take responsibility for every stage of construction and provide a warranty on all commissioned works, from foundation development to door peephole installation.

Each of our clients receives an individual approach and we pay attention to all of their wishes and considerations. Perhaps, this is the reason why we are able to stay afloat and look to the future with certainty despite the vicious competition present in our line of business.
Our permanent customers have seen for themselves that the price-time-quality of our equipment installation and decommissioning works is the most balanced. We look forward to working for them further.

If you have any questions, please, contact us, and be assured, any question will be addressed professionally and as soon as possible.

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