VentStandart Fan Factory Ltd


The following reference is thereby given to MasterStroy Ltd, as headed by its CEO Banakh Yan Vladimirovitch, located at 25 Kotelnicheskaya embankment, Moscow, as proof of the fact that the aforementioned organization, as a result of a tender, was chosen as the contractor to work on a project constructing a mineral filler factory in Porechye, Tula Region.

Work on the project was conducted in the period from November 2011 till April 2012.

Each body of work during the factory’s construction was accompanied by an according contract.

The organization completed a large amount of construction and assembly works:

- Installation of 590 cubic metres of monolithic reinforced concrete framings.

- Manufacture and assembly of 180 tonnes of steel framings.

- Manufacture and assembly of 128 tonnes of silo towers and bunkers.

- Installation of manufacturing equipment.

As the general contractor of the project I hereby confirm that MasterStroy Ltd conducts its affairs with great professionalism. This organization has large technological and human potential. All the works were completed with no breach of contract in accordance to the target specifications provided by the client and on schedule, with high quality and in compliance with all construction rules and regulations.

I wish to express my satisfaction with our mutual partnership and recommend MasterStroy Ltd as a construction company and a reliable business partner with proven experience in the field of construction.

V. Yu. Khramov, Executive director, VentStandart Fan Factory Ltd.

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