One of the most innovative building construction technologies of today is construction from ready-to-use prefabricated frameworks. Structural elements are transported to the construction site and assembled with fastening devices that are supplied as part of the package. The whole process is much quicker than traditional construction techniques, and the structure built this way is in no way worse than those built from monolithic concrete or brick.

Quick construction using sandwich panels is a convenient and modern option with a number of advantages: the absence of need for a complicated and deep foundation, the miniscule number of workers required, and a clean exterior due to almost no dirt being produced by the process. Work can even be conducted during light precipitation and outside temperatures below zero Celsius.

Sandwich panels are lightweight, thus eliminating the need for a massive foundation and thick frames. Different types of panels are used for roofing and walls.

In Russia, sandwich panels are the optimal solution for quick modernization of existing industrial, warehousing and agricultural facilities and construction of new ones.

The MasterStroy team utilises only the most modern materials available and constantly strives to add to its professional knowledge. We can install sandwich panels on any scale necessary.

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