The MasterStroy team also conducts various works on batt insulation of rooms and buildings with maximum efficiency, namely:

— waterproofing of submerged and underground structures, such as basements, parking garages, swimming pools, storages, hydrotechnical facilities, tunnels and collectors, septic tanks, accessible roof areas;
— water-repellent treatment of facades and paving slabs;
— injection of acrylate gels, micro-cement and polyurethane systems through packer to waterproof, air seal, strengthen and reinforce the structure;
— sealing of facade dilatation joints;
— sealing of dilatation and construction joints on submerged structures;
— waterproofing restoration on dilatation joints;
— selection and application of corrosion proofing for various environments;
— facade salt removal and fluosilicate treatment;
— mould and fungus removal with complex and selective anti-septic treatments;
— using concrete additives for waterproof concrete manufacture;
— screed construction, restoration and attachment;
— professional protective coatings, self-leveling floors;

We use only the most modern materials and follow the developments in the field closely to tirelessly improve the qualifications of our staff.

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