MasterStroy construction company is proud to offer you its services, based on a large amount of positive experience in construction projects of varying complexity, including:

General construction works on manufacturing and administrative buildings, residential real estate, country houses. We take responsibility for every stage of construction and provide a warranty on all completed works, from foundation pits to door peepholes.

Manufacture and assembly of reinforced concrete installations of any complexity and size, such as precast reinforced concrete, monolithic reinforced concrete and combinations thereof.

Installation of sandwitch panels of any size and complexity on residential and industrial buildings.

Monolithic construction projects of various application.

Batt insulation works both during construction and renovation and general overhaul.

Finishing works, including plastering, floor cement screed, gypsum plasterboard works, spackling works, sanitary engineering works, heating system installation, glassworks, wall and ceiling painting, wallpaper works, flooring works, ceiling works, interior door installation.

Construction from metalworks of various complexity.

Roofing works of any complexity as part of a turnkey-ready construction project or separately, in the amount needed by the Сlient.

Earthworks and subfoundation processing – landscape development, depositing relocation and soil compression, including canal and trench digging, foundation construction, landscape planning and design.

Land improvement, ncluding water supply and electricity supply engineering, road construction, sanitary facilities construction, noise reduction and microclimate improvement.

Engineering works, including project design, electric works, ventilation works, water and heat supply, sanitation engineering, air conditioning.

If you have any further questions, please contact us and rest assured, any issue will be addressed in a professional manner in the shortest timeframe available.

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