A lot of companies, from esteemed construction firms to simple scrap metal dealerships, offer metalwork disassembly services nowadays. Keep in mind, that any process has its own peculiarities, familiar only to the professionals of the craft, and only a company that retains a number of such professionals on its payroll can perform disassembly of metal structures quickly and efficiently, without damaging nearby buildings if they have to be preserved.

Our company has many years of experience working on the metal market under its belt, and is fully capable of guaranteeing the quality and professionalism of our disassembly of metalworks and their subsequent scrapping.
The first stage of this process is evaluation of the structure that is to be disassembled. This is important, because an incorrect assessment of the market value of the resulting scrap metal may lead to such unpleasant consequences as unfounded expectations or delays in fulfillment of obligations after the job is done. Our company staff is vastly experienced in this sort of works and can adequately evaluate the expenses involved in the disassembly process, and also the size of potential profits and the maximal time estimate for the project.

The disassembly process itself may seem simple enough at first glance, but, as with any other works, issues requiring an immediate decision can arise, and only a professional is capable of making the right decision quickly enough. Our staff includes a rigorously-handpicked team of specialists with strictly defined areas of expertise which increases their productivity and saves a lot of time.

It is impossible to disassemble a metallic structure in the shortest possible time without using specialized equipment and vehicles. This task requires plasma cutters and saws that in turn need special propane and oxygen supply units to work. Loading equipment, bulldozers, cranes, trucks and other vehicles may also be necessary. Our company has all the range of equipment and fleet of vehicles needed to perform the technical part of the project, which allows to cut costs significantly, since there is no need to rent anything. Not all of the construction firms that offer similar services can say the same about their own technical and transport assets.

Apart from that, our company takes great care of accounting and safety. This is why our security personnel install a pass system and keep the site under guard 24 hours a day, using CCTV cameras if necessary. We have all the permissions needed to perform disassembly works and guarantee to our clients that we will complete their order with high quality and profitable cooperation.




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