Nowadays buildings constructed from lightweight metal structures are commonplace. The use of the universal frame in construction has been popular for over 15 years by now. This trend is relatively new compared to other technologies and methods of construction, but this does not prevent it from taking and holding leading positions in the business. The main reason for the popularity of the LMS (lightweight metalwork structures) is in their cost-to-quality ratio, which is extremely attractive to the client.

Distinctive qualities of light metalwork structures.

The main distinction of the LMS and, at the same time, their biggest advantage, is the complete absence of welding seams, which allows to dispense with constructing a monolithic foundation for the frame. A girder or pile type foundation will be the ideal choice in this case. This cuts the assembly and construction time considerably without any additional material expenses. No special equipment, such as tower cranes, is needed to assemble the metalwork structures.

High-weight wall materials, such as bricks, reinforced concrete panels or silicate blocks, are not used in the frame structures. This cuts the total weight of the complete building and broadens the field for original architectural designs considerably. The most popular material to cover the frame is the sandwich panels, insulated slabs based on a zinc-plated sheet.

Supposed disadvantages.

Many “old-school” experts underline the low fire resistance and deformation of light metalworks under the influence of corrosion. The issue of physical and chemical service parameters changing under high temperatures that stimulate reduction of rigidity is also constantly brought up. Yes, all these issues arose when the technology was still in its infancy, but with active development of the field the manufacturing process of the elements involved has been thoroughly modernized. New manufacturing technologies are in use today and new mixtures and coating are applied to increase fire resistance and prevent corrosion. The steel profile can be zinc-plated.

Don’t be afraid to innovate

The project for each frame, regardless of the structure’s future application, is developed in full accordance with the fire department’s requirements. Since the heat-conducting properties of the material are being accounted for, all the measures make the reliability of the structure during its service life pretty much unquestionable. The total cost of the project provides savings up to 40% in comparison with the more standard types of construction.

The manufacture and assembly of LMS can only be delegated to professionals with significant experience in this field of construction. We have the abilities to develop non-typical projects, every client may order a LMS according to an individual project or plan.




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