High economy and trade growth rates require constant construction of new buildings and structures, at a short notice and without significant financial expences. Capital construction does not satisfy these requirements at all. Metalworks buildings, however, do, and this is why they occupy the biggest sector of the construction industry today.

Metalworks manufacturing
Metalwork constructions are assembled from elements manufactured according to a special technology. The structures themselves are machined out of plate or shaped high-quality steel, and the choice of the grade of steel depends on the following factors: the mean temperature of the area where the structure is to be built, the assembly method, the maximal planned load and the thickness of rolled steel needed. The planned load is calculated dynamically, adjusting for vibration, which allows selection of the best possible grade of steel for the building that will satisfy all of the constructor’s demands.

All selection parameters must adhere to regulation SNiP II22-81

Types of metalwork buildings
The advantages of these structures are not limited to quick assembly and low cost, but also include a long service life, ease of transport, disassembly and storage for later use. This is especially convenient for building temporary structures or adding to existing buildings at a short notice. Metalwork buildings are used as workshops, warehouses, trade centers, exhibition pavilions, hangars, sheds and general-purpose structures. About 30% of them are commerce buildings, more often than not build with the help of metalworks: large malls, customs, office and logistics complexes and administrative buildings. Statistics show, that a further 16% consists of industrial structures: workshops, warehouses and hangars.
The ease of assembly is provided not only by the special properties of metal structures, but also by their light weight which allows to build without a foundation. This does not prevent metalwork buildings from having a really long guaranteed service life – up to 30 years. Some experts say that with proper care and adherence to specifications during construction the building may have a service life as long as a hundred years.
A layer of sandwich panels allows for a modern and aesthetically pleasing exterior, which is why they are so popular with the builders of new office and trade centers: a minimum of expenses and some easy assembly results in a pretty and robust building.
An additional benefit of metalworks is their resistance to the elements and adverse conditions. This allows builders to use them without any risk in any season, in any climate zone: from seismically active regions to the permafrost of the Far North.




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